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Starched Spunlace Nonwoven

Starched Spunlace Nonwoven fabrics are very popular for their excellent strength and toughness. They are also known for their good absorbency capacity. However, there are challenges and disadvantages involved in manufacturing such materials.
Spinlace is a type of nonwoven fabric produced from bonded fibers. It is commonly used in the production of a wide variety of products, including hygiene and cleaning materials. Spunlace nonwovens are also widely used in the manufacturing of wet wipes.
Spinlace nonwovens are manufactured from fibers that are often bonded with chemical or thermal means. The resulting fabric has many properties. Some of these include strength, drapability, and moldability. They can be used in a variety of applications, including hoses, diapers, and protective clothing.
During the production process, the nonwoven web filaments are twisted around a supporting drum. A binder is then applied to hold the filaments together. These nonwoven fabrics are then laid down and drawn.
Spunlace nonwovens are generally based on cellulose or rayon. However, they can also be manufactured with organic fillers, which can improve the mechanical properties of the product.