Tabby Woodpulp spunlace nonwoven.

A supplier specializing in the production of all kinds of spunlace nonwoven fabric.

Tabby Woodpulp spunlace nonwoven

Tabby Woodpulp Spunlace Nonwoven

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  • Specifications
  • Item: WATW
    Color: White,Blue,Glere
    Application: Cleaning wipe for the electronic equipment,car, cable
    Material: A:Woodpulp & polyester(polypropylene),B:Woodpulp & viscose
    Composition: A;30%-70% Woodpulp/70%-30% polyester(polypropylene);B:30%-70% Woodpulp/70%-30% viscose
    Gsm: 48-120g/m²
    Process: Parallel lapping

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